Monday, June 25, 2018
Competences +

Compétences + is a Web tool enabling a designer to edit a competences profile in any domain and to integrate it into the tool that adapts its user interfaces. It also enables designers to associate to each competence a set of learning objects that can be found in many ways, including federated searches into learning object repositories using PALOMA or PALOMAWeb.

Configured in this way, the Competences+ support a three steps process:  

  1. The self-evaluation by a user of its mastery level of each campetence or the evaluation by another person.
  2. The display of an analysis of strenght and weaknesses and the identification of competences acquisition needs. 
  3. The elaboration of an acquisition plan , usign resources already associated to competences or new ones selected by the user when needed.


Pour information or demonstration: Suzanne Lapointe