Monday, June 25, 2018
ADISA - Distributed Instructional Design System

ADISA™ (formerly AGD or AGDI) is a electronic performance support system for instructional designers, well adapted to teams developping distance education on the Internet or using multimedia technologies. It groups productivity tools to reduce the efforts and the cost of instructional engineering, while maintaining the consistency and the quality of the componenents of a learning system. The ADISA workbench is based on the MISA method which help produce all the models and blueprints necessary to produce learning materials, to deliver them on the Internet or through more traditional means. It enables a team of designers to work on-line and off-line, with collaborative support, through a browser. The MOT knowledge editor and forms all input data into an XML underlying data base and are propagated as input to other tasks or other training systems. ADISA is actually in alpha version and its development is on-going with first release at the end of year 2000. It will be commercialized by COGIGRAPH Technologies, a spin-off compagny of Télé-université's LICEF research center.


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