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Graduate Student Direction

Researchers at the CICE Research Chair offer high-quality supervision for graduate studies in their fields of research. Most student are enrolled in the Doctorate in Cognitive Informatics (DIC) offered jointly with UQAM. Students at the Master’s level are generally enrolled in programs like the Master in Information Technology or the Master for Distance Learning. Beside these program offered by Télé-univeristé, CICE also supervise or co-supervise students enrolled in other universities in Quebec, in Canada or in other countries.

Transfert and Partership with Various Organizations.

  • CICE researchers, professionals and students have conducted many projects with private, public or not-for-profit organizations. The activities or project car be realized through an agreement with the Chair itself and more generally through Technology Cogigraph Inc (TCI), set up by Télé-université to promote the use of research results, tools and expertise from CICE and the LICEF research center. The Web site of TCI provides a list of such projects and partnership, together with the services offered by CICE members through TCI activities. There are three types of involvement:
  • Support for the transfer and adaptation of CICE tools and methods
    that are listed and described in the left column of this page.
  • Training on these tools and methods: Two-days, five-days or 10-days can be organize to train on visual modeling editors for knowledge, scenarios and ontologies, the MISA instructional engineering method or various distance or eLearning tools such as Compétence+ and PALOMA.
  •  Instructional Engineering or Modeling Services. CICE professionals acting within Cogigraph Technologies Inc (TCI) projects can use CICE tools and methods with a client to analyze its training, work or knowledge management context and needs, to model the required knowledge and competencies, to design training and work processes, to construct the instructional and media design, and to deliver on-line environments for training, work or knowledge management.

Bench Marking LAB (LORIT)

The Laboratory for Observation and Research in IT (LORIT) offers advanced services for the delivery of seminars (Webcast), demonstrations, collaborative activities and testing of IT environments. An observation system enables the capturing of data, voice and images for the validation of products, prototypes and methods. A benchmarking methodology is available. It has been designed by CICE/LICEF researchers and used in Ph.D. work, research and products, prototypes and methods innovation projects and by external private or public organizations.


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