Monday, June 25, 2018
Instructional Engineering

Our work on Instructionnal Engineering has been a long process that is still on-going. It has focused on the development of MISA, a general instructional system method  produced through three interrelated streams of research: design methods, visual modelling tools and on-line delivery systems. The figure (from our visual modeling book) presents the timeline of these research streams from the point of view of the development of the MISA method.

The whole process started in 1992. A first version of the MISA method (Instructional engineering Method for Learning Systems) was produced in 1994, embedded in a computerized support system for designers called AGD. The initial vision was to apply knowledge elicitation methods to model the products, processes and principles that instructional designers produce or apply as they design learning environments or systems. The method was thereafter validated with instructional designers and content experts in nine organizations and was rebuilt, yielding MISA 2.0. In parallel, we extracted and rebuilt a tool for knowledge modelling (MOT) to support central aspects of the method.

After another round of validation, our attention focused on learning object typologies. We defined seventeen typologies on concepts such as knowledge models, skills, learning scenarios, learning materials, delivery models and so on. The MISA Method was devised and entirely modelled using MOT, providing a clear visualization of MISA's various processes. In 1998, this effort led to MISA 3.0 in which these typologies and method models were used to present numerous alternatives to the designer on which to build viable design decisions.

Starting with the goal to build a new Instructional Design Web-based tool (ADISA, MISA evolved to MISA 4.0 during year 2000. This version has been built in coordination with the ADISA support workbench for instructional engineering, which combined the method MISA and the MOT software in a web-based application.

In recent years, we have been focusing on applications for various organization, increasing the usability of the method and the tools, adapting them to new eLearning standards such as the LOM, IMS-LD and OWL-DL. MOT+ has become  Web-browser-based with new import/export facilities to standards.

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