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Nomino is an open linguistic processing system in which one can define text processing parameters or use specialized functions such as annotation cards and automatic Web page creation. Besides its automated linguistic processing, Nomino offers the possibility to create assisted-analysis tools that may be customized according to specific needs. The ACTIA system (intelligently assisted cognitive text analysis) is an example of such tools. Initially designed to analyze the learning quality in textual computer teleconferencing, it was later adapted to spot knowledge produced by experts during their exchanges.

Nomino is a reading assistant, a dynamic and flexible hypertext navigator, a tool capable of sorting and transforming textual information, producing text summaries, natural language queries, index creation, locating key zones, and constructing networks and knowledge bases.

This application is related to the HyperGuides-Recto sub-project entitled Knowledge environment.

For further information, consult ACTIA publications.

Website: http://www.nominotechnologies.com/

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