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MOT and MOT Plus - Functionalities

MOT and MOT Plus editors are endowed with sophisticated graphic editing capabilities represent knowledge and links and make the nature and structure of a learning systems contents stand out. Using them, you would be able to:

  • Build models representing knowledge and typified links.
  • Elaborate a multilevel modeling i.e. describe any knowledge by making an associated sub-model.
  • Add and, as needed, filter comments linked to models, knowledge or links.
  • Copy objects using referencing in different models of the same document.
  • Copy graphical objects between same models of the document or between different documents.
  • Illustrate similar components of knowledge by using multiple composition links.
  • Modify graphic attributes of the objects.
  • Arrange, align, distribute and balance the look of graphic objects.
  • Filter objects by type.
  • Hide or show links as needed.
  • Display graphic objects properties.
  • Print the whole document or model by model.
  • Access online documentation for tool description, commands and hints and easy ways to do modeling.
  • Export in another file, database or XML file.

MOT also offers:

  • Condense all comments in an integrated RTF format.
  • Open a new integrated RTF document.
  • Link, using the OLE feature, a knowledge or a comment of your model, to an application or one of its documents.
  • Import another MOT document in your model.
  • Copy graphic objects or another MOT document in another application.
  • Build automatically neighborhood models by regrouping all knowledge used in other sub-models and linked, at a certain distance, to a given referenced knowledge.
  • Email your MOT document.
  • Display document properties.
  • Display document or model stats.

On its side, MOT Plus allows to:

  • Create layers.
  • Create model’ alternatives.
  • Display a list of all domain objects.
  • Link, using the OLE feature, a knowledge or a comment of your model, to one or many applications or their documents.
  • Integrate, to a specific object, one or many co-model of another domain.
  • Integrate, to the same file, many domains gathered in a specific project.
  • Import files created with MOT.
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