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DiversCité Langues

DiversCité Langues is a magazine and electronic forum about languages dynamics that was founded by Angeline Martel, in June 1996. As its name suggests, this magazine and electronic forum encourages innovative reflections that diversify speech (cited) and reference places (cities, states and regions).

The main purpose of the magazine consists in offering researchers an interdisciplinary place of exchange and distribution of research about language dynamics. Moreover, DiversCité Langues promotes a critical and praxiological reflection on contemporary linguistic phenomena related to the globalization of exchanges and societies. The magazine wishes to clarify the interrelation between national, official, second, foreign, regional and minority languages, as well as their context of use.

DiversCité Langues makes available international contributions from multiple disciplinary perspectives originating from the professional language or university fields on actual topics such as linguistic contacts, language and identity, relations between state and linguistic entities, plural integration, influence and specific characteristics of language policies, collective rights of linguistic communities, sociopolitical role of second or foreign language programs, sociopolitical influence of terminological actions.

For further information, consult : DiversCité Langues Web Site.

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