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Math 103 - Differential and integral calculus

A multidisciplinary team at Centre collégial de formation à distance (CCFD), a Recto project partner, produced a prototype as the result of the reengineering process of a college level course, according to the Information highway possibilities. This course aims to familiarize students with fundamental concepts of differential and integral calculus. It was previously offered in printed form.

This new version offers a totally integrated computerized environment. Contents are partly accessible by means of interactive Web pages developed in the Java language. Much more than just a display of sequential Web pages, the course takes advantage of the collaborative learning and working potential of Internet. Using a synchronous communication mode, collaborative activities centered on problem solving are tackled by teams of two students. Pedagogical follow-up also benefits from these new opportunities since a tutor can actually comment on line a student’s work progress or provide further explanations, when required. Using an asynchronous communication mode, e-mail and specialized exchange forums enable students to discuss theoretical concepts or more complex problems.

This application is related to the HyperGuides-Recto project entitled : Reengineering activities

A demonstration is available in French: Cours interactif et collaboratif en mathématiques sur Internet

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