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COVI is a computerized learning environment prototype that simulates a virtual colloquium. Its design promotes an exploration of the environment and a dynamic type of communication between participants. Various communication tools enable students to chat in writing with their peers, to exchange messages or to meet through videoconferencing.

The virtual colloquium was designed to answer the needs of a © Télé-Université course entitled Formation et compétitivité (Training and competitiveness). The goal of this course is to introduce students to the basic concepts required to analyze the relation between training, working and employment as well as the analysis methods involved. The colloquium’s central theme revolves around the training situation in Quebec which must be analyzed according to the perspective suggested by two different models : the Japanese and the German models. Each participant chooses one model and completes his research on the topic. Then, each team examines the relevance of the chosen model in view of Quebec’s training context. The scenario provides for group work so that analysis of the two models may be compared.

The virtual colloquium provides the student with various sites and tools to realize his activities : a registration desk where he may choose the model to be analyzed, a multimedia boot where he may consult documents, a workshop for teamwork, an assessment desk where assignments are handed to the tutor, a presentation room for group work, a " coffee room " which serves as an informal discussion place and finally, a briefcase to facilitate individual work.

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