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The didactic engineering workshop (AGD) is a set of computerized tools endowed with an advisor system intended to assist pedagogical designers and contents experts in producing learning systems plans and specifications. AGD comprises a method that rests on knowledge modeling. The MOT (object-oriented modeling) technique and tools integrated into the workshop are used to model knowledge so that pedagogical design coherence is maintained. The first AGD version was tested in several private and public organizations. A version of the AGD method and MOT is now available and should be published shortly.

What makes AGD unique is the knowledge modeling technique and tool at the core of the learning system engineering process in which data is handled by various engineering tools. The first version of AGD includes three types :

  • Productivity tools that aim to reduce efforts and costs related to long and repetitive tasks and maintain consistency between engineering tasks.
  • The advisor system aims to guide the user’s choices all along the engineering process.
  • The help system provides the user with information about the process and the definition of concepts.

AGD produces a complete blueprint as well as specific blueprints of a learning system’s various components. The methodological version of AGD involves an object-oriented knowledge modeling tool (MOT). This tool was entirely developed at LICEF for a Windows environment. It is at the heart of the AGD method.

This product is related to the HyperGuides-Recto project entitled Knowledge modeling for a didactic engineering methodology.

To see a demonstration of the product : AGD (available soon)

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