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École informatisée clés en main

In the context of the project entitled École informatisée clés en main (Turnkey computerized school), LICEF researchers are building two models that aim to help schools integrate information and communication technologies into various schools processes (pedagogy, management, documentary resources).

The first model proposes an integrated, evolutionary and adaptable representation of several possible uses of ICT as regards typical school processes. However, this document does not intend to project an ideal, unique and immutable vision of the uses of information and communication technologies in Quebec schools.

The second is a generic model of the integration process of information technologies in a school, that is to say a document intended to present a procedure that is clear and adaptable to each school, as well as a set of complementary documents developed with the participation of two pilot schools to facilitate its application. Several help documents have already been published in a collection entitled Comment informatiser l’école (How to computerize a school) :

  • Amorcer un plan d’intégration des technologies de l’information et des communications à l’école, Johanne Guidotti, Robert Bibeau, Pierre B. Cadieux, Josianne Basque et Johanne Rocheleau
  • Stratégies d’intégration des technologies de l’information et des communications, Josianne Basque
  • Guide de rédaction des plans de mise en œuvre, Johanne Rocheleau, Josianne Basque, Johanne Guidotti et Pierre B. Cadieux
  • Guide de suivi du "Plan TIC" d’une école, Johanne Rocheleau et Gilles Bergeron
  • Une approche pédagogique pour l’école informatisée, Josianne Basque, Johanne Rocheleau et Laura Winer
  • Une approche gestionnaire pour l’école informatisée, Johanne Rocheleau
  • Une approche d’exploitation des ressources documentaires pour l’école informatisée, Pierre Michaud et Johanne Rocheleau
  • Une approche technologique pour l’école informatisée, Johanne Rocheleau et Laura Winer

Together, these two models could be used as a framework to help schools make choices that are suited to their specific needs as regards the use of ICT. These models will be delivered at the end of the project.

This application is related to the project entitled A turnkey computerized school model.

For further information, consult the related Web site : EICEM

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