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TeleLearning Network of Centers of Excellence (TL-NCE)

LICEF is one of three founding partners of the network with Simon Fraser University and Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). This network regroups over 130 researchers from about thirty Canadian universities and about 20 firms and associated organizations. The Network’s objective is to develop a pan-Canadian R & D expertise in continuing education at all educational levels, according to seven main research themes.

Among these themes, THEME 6 - TeleLearning for the Workplace includes several projects that are coordinated by LICEF. This theme is under the joint responsibility of Gilbert Paquette, from Centre de recherche LICEF, and Tom Carey, from Guelph and Waterloo universities. Research is covered by two main projects named TELEFORM and CADRETEL.

TELEFORM aims to develop methods and tools to facilitate learning through asynchronous and synchronous communication modes, to consult distributed multimedia instruments banks on heterogeneous or broadband networks, and to provide learners with navigational and production assistance means within a telelearning environment.

LICEF participates in four out of seven TELEFORM sub-projects. Expected research results should demonstrate technological and pedagogical integration of all sub-projects into a Virtual learning Center workshop prototype destined for workplace telelearning. These sub-projects are :

  • Human-machine interface
  • Tasks and knowledge analysis for intelligent help
  • Know-how and knowledge communication through teleconferencing
  • Heterogeneous networks and multimedia databases

CADRETEL aims to develop tools and methods to design and produce telelearning activities : didactic engineering workshop, design support systems, collaborative tools for pedagogical design and production of teletraining systems. LICEF participates in two of the five sub-projects :

Course design and development workbench
Instructional design methodology for computer-supported collaborative learning

For further information about TeleLearning for the workplace, look up TeleLearning THEME 6 site.


Gilbert Paquette


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Bishop University
École des HEC
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1995 - 1999

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