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Advisor system for job market search

This project aims to develop, validate and implement, within the SchoolNet and CanWorkNet employment Center, a computerized learning environment destined to help young people and adults plan their job search, analyze labor market information and learn about collaborative networking to exchange information and practice job interviewing.

At the end of 1997, all schools should have access, via SchoolNet, to an Internet site linking students, educators and libraries across Canada. The SchoolNet Career Center provides information on careers, education and training opportunities. CanWorkNet is a reference tool supported by Human Resources Canada that offers diversified information about careers, employment, labor market and government programs.

The proposed computerized system comprises a series of learning modules which will be available through a telematic service destined to SchoolNet and CanWorkNet users. These modules include activities and computer tools that will enable users to plan their job search, discover efficient means of contacting employers, develop their own job search instruments (c.v., letters, etc.), prepare and simulate a job interview through networked role playing.

The software will include two components : job search computerized tools and an advisor system for job search. The learning system's objectives are to:

  • Help users develop job search and interview skills, etc.
  • Model existing job search expertise and integrate it into an intelligent advisor system to support the learner's endeavors.
  • Make learning activities, tools and job search expertise available on Internet to the youth in schools as well as people who are in a job transition situation.


Gilbert Paquette


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