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SEMID: environmental didactics

This project is under the direction of the environmental sciences, multimedia and didactic engineering team, associated with LICEF. It aims to make environmental sciences knowledge transferable through a multimedia-based didactic engineering process.

Whatever the viewpoint, be it environmental sciences, didactic engineering or interactive technological supports, transferability is fundamentally what guides the research work undertaken by the SEMID team. In this context, a study was undertaken to constitute a " state of the art " on the subject. Efforts were first invested in researching studies and experiments done in the field and in exploring interesting Internet sites about environmental sciences and didactic engineering.

SEMID’s three main research orientations were rounded up as follows: environment, technologies including multimedia, and didactic engineering. The second stage of research was mostly oriented by criteria identification and classification. Progress reports were tabled in the context of FODAR. They should contribute to produce a state of the art on the matter of transferability, the integrative concept in SEMID’s ongoing projects.

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