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SAVOIR, which means " virtual-mode learning system and integrated research tools ", is a joint project led by © Télé-Université and ETS. It aims to design a pedagogical environment that facilitates resources sharing such as : pedagogical scenarios that may be adapted to the needs of various audiences and programs ; modular and common bases of documents and didactic material ; communication, pedagogical support and management tools.

The project resorts to the model of the Virtual campus. A first course about multimedia learning environments is already available but a generic environment is being developed to distribute, through Internet, a series of three courses at ETS and © Télé-Université. These are :

  • Course 1 : TEC 6205: Environnements apprentissage multimédias
  • Course 2 : TEC 6315: Design pédagogique d'environnements d'apprentissage informatisés
  • Course 3 : TEC 6361: Technologies informatiques et environnements logiciels

A first development report of the SAVOIR environment contains an organized functionality list.


France Henri


FOTEL (Université du Québec)


1995 - 1998

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