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The ROC project (search and organization of knowledge) has contributed to the development of Nomino, a tool designed to facilitate documents search on Internet or intranet networks. Its originality results from its capability to process a document’s linguistic contents (French) before proposing results to the user. It facilitates a more qualitative type of search than its competitors can offer in the field. It can be described as a reading assistant. Moreover, not only can this software search for information, it can also process information by structuring it so it may be distributed, archived, etc. It is an efficient tool for targeted and in-depth information search, and it is intended for information suppliers as well as users.

It aims to provide a tool that is robust, that can be rapidly commercialized, that functions in French with French language documents, that can operate on Internet (as a support to large-scale search engines such as Alta Vista) as well as on intranets. In this perspective, the essential part of the project consists in ensuring the optimization, sturdiness and industrial quality of the present tool which is at the stage of a functional prototype.

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