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Multimedia Telecommunications

Part 1
The Multimedia Telecommunications consortium was created in August 1993 and LICEF’s mandate consisted in designing and producing methodologies for the development of multimedia teletraining modules. A work group coordinated by LICEF delivered substantial information about training models, learner coaching and teletraining development methodologies. This conceptual and methodological work was validated through local tests and presented in a series of documents covering the following topics : a multimedia teletraining methodology ; a methodology for the development of multimedia teletraining educational software ; design of a scenario editor and collaborative training tools ; architecture and implementation of a generic advisor system ; a detailed model of the Virtual Campus architecture.

A BGW-LICEF team designed the pedagogical scenario, and developed and implemented the conceptual model. In parallel, LICEF elaborated several scenarios where goals, target audiences as well as technological and economical constraints were put into perspective. A prototype was produced to demonstrate collaborative creation of multimedia documents by distance learners, that is to say designing, producing and making these documents available.

Part 2
The teletraining methodology project ended in December 1995. A document entitled Méthodologie cadre de téléformation multimédia (TFMM), version 1.0, April 1996, was co-produced by LICEF, BGW and Novasys on the subject. It covers multimedia teletraining environments concepts and production methodology.

Part 3
At the pedagogical level, LICEF designed a knowledge model which was used for the pilot application of the Virtual Campus to a © Télé-Université course entitled Études économiques, relations entre la formation des ressources humaines et la performance de l’entreprise, and to another course under the joint responsibility of © Télé-Université and École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) entitled Environnements de formation et technologies multimédias. These courses were used to validate the Virtual Campus model and are now offered by © Télé-Université.


Gilbert Paquette


ABL Canada
Fonds de développement technologique (FDT)


1993 - 1996

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