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Modeling for a didactic engineering methodology

This research is at the crossroads of pedagogical design methodologies and cognitive engineering. It centers on the renewal of methodology and pedagogical design support instruments. It aims to make cognitive methodology operational in pedagogical design. A cognitive didactic engineering methodology involves experimental and theoretical research to validate and formalize pedagogical knowledge. The didactic engineering workshop (AGD) constitutes an indispensable research instrument, given that it integrates pedagogical knowledge formalism and makes it operational by means of interactive tools that can be experimented in a well-defined setting.

In the first stage, integrated knowledge will be validated on site. Traces and other observations will be used to assess formalized knowledge and to make it evolve. Another stage consists in studying the most recent research work that uses similar or related approaches. These will contribute to stabilize conceptual and procedural knowledge in didactic engineering processes.

Finally, this research will contribute to formalize strategic knowledge that regroups rules as regards knowledge modeling, the choice of learning objectives or the production of pedagogical strategies and scenarios. The workshop constitutes an interactive model of the expertise as well as an experimentation and validation tool to formulate the methodology.


Gilbert Paquette




1996 - 1999

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