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The HyperGuides project consists in developing and validating a computerized assistance system to produce and deliver teletraining systems.

This project integrates a variety of learning tools such as HyperGuides, that is to say software intended to facilitate interaction within the virtual campus and providing interactive course plans, didactic resources to learners, trainers and other individuals.

The project aims to resolve some problems related to the integration of teletraining technologies. Hence, it will promote the implementation of a teletraining methodology in a pedagogical design support system. Moreover, it will facilitate the transfer of research results into teletraining pilot applications to be realized by © Télé-Université and its industry partners, using various forms of hybrid or broadband networks. It will then be possible to set up a broadband laboratory-network so that © Télé-Université and other organizations may develop training tools and applications destined to information highways.

RECTO, which complements the HyperGuides project, aims to contribute to the development of French language teletraining contents on the information highway by making contents available on multimedia servers in Quebec and France.

For further details concerning work that was accomplished during the 1996-1999 period, look up the following HyperGuides-Recto subprojects :

  • The Virtual Campus architecture
  • Learner’s HyperGuide and global prototype
  • Design and production assistance
  • Collaborative environment
  • Distributed multimedia documents base
  • Intelligent advice and assistance
  • Trainer’s HyperGuide
  • Pilot applications
  • RECTO-VERSO reengineering activities
  • Collaborative engineering
  • RECTO-VERSO methodological framework
  • Technological infrastructure


Gilbert Paquette
Claude Ricciardi Rigault



Bell (Québec)
Centre collégial de formation à distance (CCFD)
Fonds de l’autoroute de l’information (FAI, Gouvernement du Québec)
General Datacomm (GDC)
© Télé-Université


CNET (Issy et Lannion)
Laboratoire TRIGONE (Université de Lille)
LIUM (Université du Maine)
Université Paris VII


1995 - 1998

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