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MediVision training

MediVision is a computerized task support system intended for hospital care units. It provides health professionals with patients medical information. To support workplace training on MédiVision, LICEF proposed a virtual learning environment that is inspired by the Virtual Campus model. The environment takes into account the various categories of actors and their training needs (users/medical personnel ; managers/pilots ; trainers/tutors). Accommodating a wide range of profiles, varying levels of interest in using MediVision, personnel availability and diverse implementation sites presented a major challenge.

Using tools and methods developed at LICEF (Teletraining methodology, AGD, ACTIA, MOT), the team designed a modular training curriculum comprising three profiles according to the actors roles. This program is based on a generic knowledge model and on the organization of a virtual learning environment which provides the learner with just-in-time information, as needed to accomplish his tasks, in spite of identified constraints and SIDOCI/MediVision product evolution.

At the end of the project, LICEF delivered a document containing plans and specifications to develop the training program’s three profiles, and a generic computerized shell to be used as a scenario navigator by the learner. The advantage of this computerized tool is its adaptability : contents may be personalized and adapted according to the context of each hospital, care unit and even the health professional.


Andrée Longpré




Mai 1995 - décembre 1996

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