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The AGDI project proposes to rebuild the didactic engineering workshop (AGD), according to MISA, the learning systems engineering method. This method covers the developmental phases of a learning system, from analysis to implementation. The AGDI project aims to develop design tools to be used in five spaces : navigation, information, production, assistance and collaboration.

  • The AGDI navigator regroups the tools required to access the network of design events and design units scenarios allowing production of the learning system’s plans and material.

  • The AGDI information space regroups presentations of the method, its typologies, banks of designing objects and examples. It also gives access to project-specific documents and to a bank of learning systems.

  • The production space (workshop) regroups object-oriented modeling tools based on MOT, such as knowledge modeling, pedagogical modeling and media modeling. This space also gathers project planning tools and provides for a set of commercial (or proprietary) tools that might be required to produce various pedagogical materials.

  • The assistance space regroups contextual help files, advisor systems and on-line help functions. These two last types of tools rest on a diagnosis of the process and production consistency, according to a usage trace. This diagnosis can feed advisor agents that are integrated into the environment (for first-line assistance), and a human advisor agent who plays a trainer’s role on learning systems engineering.

  • The collaboration space regroups tools such as e-mail, asynchronous teleconferencing, synchronous teamwork tools, and others that facilitate communication (agenda, workplan...).

Whether they are used in the context of the Virtual campus or outside, these tools and functions will form a computerized task-support system, thus enabling different designers to assume their specific functions in learning systems engineering.


Gilbert Paquette




1997 - 1999


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