Centre de recherche LICEF
The Center

The Licef is a laboratory that is dedicated to cognitive informatics and training environments, and © Télé-Université's research center.
It regroups nearly a hundred individuals, including researchers, research assistants, analysts, programmers, technicians, and students in the fields of cognitive informatics, telecommunications, computational linguistics, cognitive psychology, education and communication.

This dynamic team contributes to the development of methods, telelearning systems design and production tools.

Our mission

  • Meet distance education new needs.
  • Promote research and development in cognitive informatics and its educational applications.
  • Communicate research results through seminars and colloquiums, research papers and participation in international scientific events.
  • Maximize the application of research by commercializing products, in collaboration with our partners.
  • Promote partnerships with researchers from other universities, research centers and organizations involved in information technology.
  • Bring together the best expertise in the fields of knowledge related to the center's research programs.
  • Facilitate the development of a highly qualified workforce by allowing graduate students to participate in the center's various research programs.

Domain of expertise

  • Advice, assistance and tutoring
  • Architecture, integration and development of telelearning systems
  • Collaborative learning and working
  • Discourse and interaction analysis
  • Educational engineering methods
  • Multimedia environments development process
  • Navigation and production interfaces
  • Network architecture and distributed multimedia
  • School computerization
  • SEMID group

Research axes

  • Knowledge modeling of educational transactions.
  • Methods for the design, production, distribution and management of telelearning systems.
  • Architecture and development of computerized support systems intended for all actors involved in a training situation.


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